Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Jason Ryan Animation 5*****

I first found out about Jason Ryan Animation last Summer while searching for animation tutorials online. It was then when I found out about his ramp up tutorials, when I first watched Jason animating, I was like WOW, so THAAATS how you do it! from then on I was hooked up and signed up for his webinars. (a webinar its like a seminar but online, for people who don't know)

Since September 2008 I've been attending the JRA Webinars, and it's been an amazing experience. I mean, reading books about animation is one thing, but actually seeing someone approaching an animation shot and animating it right on the spot while explaining it, its just mind blowing!!! In these webinars you learn so much and you if your not quite sure of something, you can just ask Jason!

Let me tell a bit about Jason.
Jason Ryan is a Supervisor animator who has worked in films such as "Fantasia 2000", "Chicken Little" and currently is now supervising at DreamWorks on the up coming title "Shrek 4".

Jason is a super cool, exciting guy and an excellent teacher. He has a great work flow and approach to animation. He starts off by doing a 2D rough animation in Flipbook and then brings it into Maya to polish it up.
Right now his doing a mini series tutorials on "Timing and Spacing", "Drag, Overlap and Follow Through" and last but not least "Weight and Balance".
If you're serious about animation as career, or even if your a pro animator and want to improve your skills I highly, HIGHLy recommend these tutorials!
You can find out more about JRA on his website at http://www.jasonryananimation.com/ and for the webinars at http://www.jrawebinar.com/
I've learned so much about character animation since I joined Jason's tutorials and I'm very grateful to him so,

It Just doesn't get any better than tHis fellas!!!

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