Tuesday, 10 February 2009

4 Animation tests

These are some animation tests that I did for the first semester at uni.

Using FLIPBOOK 5 animation software.

Little Girl


Water Splash

Walk off the spot on 16s

Flipbook 5 is defenetly one of the best softwares for 2D traditional animation, its like having a light box on your computer. Very simple to use, great for rough line tests and for finished polished animation. Highly recommended!!!


  1. nice. makes me want to work.


  2. Hi I just saw your work on the JRA forums. A high standard of work here since this is your first year? on animation.
    A few little things that I thought you could add, on the little girl, looks like a linear head turn instead of an arced head turn so it looks a little bit more fluid, as she jumps off the bed a little bit more squash as she comes in contact with the ground and the passing point would be higher giving her more bounce.

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  4. On the stagger give the box a little more weight, so the guy is not even moving at the start and then the box gives a little bit causing the rope to break and then he shoots of screen in probably two frames instead of four or five you have giving contrast of the timing through the whole thing. Although as said before your work is still high, keep it up :)!

  5. hey Cassie Thanks a lot for your great tips!!!
    I tried going to your blog but it wounldnt let me...wats your nick on the jra forum???

    hey thankx for the comment Karl!!!